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DJ Paypal

"SUBPAC is one of the best solutions for angry neighbors. Makes having a home studio in a concrete jungle still possible."
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Zora Jones

"It surprised me how much better I understand the low range with the SUBPAC, it makes it way easier to estimate what a song will sound like on various systems. I also love the fact that I don’t turn the music up as loud as i used to, my ears will be very thankful in 30 years and my neighbours already are."
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"When I activate the SUBPAC I am transported to a world of 3-D frequencies."



"Using the SUBPAC has really helped me with fine-tuning sub bass in my mixdowns. It’s especially useful when mixing kick drums against the sub – something that until now required a heavy element of trial and error!"
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SUBPAC Optimized™
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Kanye-Producer Mike Dean

"My Clients love when I plug in the SUBPAC and playback. I use it as a super accurate engineering tool to judge my side chains on bass and kick drums. And yes, it definitely goes way below 20hz. Freaky and crazy good."


George Clinton

"I'm into this shit. It knocked the bottom out of my ass!"


The Glitch Mob

"For us, music boils down to emotion. To pure, distilled feeling. SUBPAC allows us to get closer to sound than ever before. The fact that you can actually feel each note on your skin creates a sonic intimacy that is truly ground breaking. We are hooked."


Griffit Vigo

"What is the beat without bass? SUBPAC is transformational, how can we now enjoy sound without it... give me a bass beat and I’ll boost it with SUBPAC."
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Lee Scratch Perry and Subatomic Sound System

Lee Scratch Perry and Subatomic Sound System

"If you can't feel the bass you aren't hearing Subatomic Sound. With the SUBPAC, people can finally experience our music the way it was meant to be, no matter where they happen to be."



"SUBPAC is the best way to bring that club system to your own personal space. I love using it to test out how things might feel in a club before I play them out."


Stephan Bodzin

"What the SUBPAC does is actually quite easy to describe. It adds sub bass directly to your body. This is such an outstanding experience that got me addicted right away."


Tommie Sunshine

"I can't imagine trying to work on music or A&R my label Brooklyn Fire without a SUBPAC. There is no excuse for any producer in 2016 to be making music without a SUBPAC."