“About a year ago we had problems with noise complaints in the studio, and after a bit of research the SUBPAC seemed like a possible solution to the problem, so I thought I give it a shot and went ahead and ordered one. I didn’t think that the S2 was going to be such an essential piece of gear, but at this point I don’t trust my mixdowns without it, I use it every single day.

It surprised me how much better I understand the low range with the SUBPAC, it makes it way easier to estimate what a song will sound like on various systems. I also love the fact that I don’t turn the music up as loud as i used to, my ears will be very thankful in 30 years and my neighbours already are.”


Barcelona-based selector Zora Jones enters the international arena with debut release ‘100 Ladies’, a profoundly unique seven-song offering that elicits shattered glass nested in choral arrangements, seemingly beamed from deep space.

Zora’s prowess in contemporary sound design has established her as one of the most intriguing technicians of 2015, and with the creation of Fractal Fantasy alongside orchestral master Sinjin Hawke, the pair’s series of videos and interactive experiments have challenged archetypes of traditional artistry with an unparalleled attention to detail.