Matt Black (Coldcut)



“The SUBPAC is a quantum leap in experiencing sound. Sometimes I just sit with it and trigger sub tones for pure embodied vibrational enjoyment. Most time I use it to sense bass for auditioning tunes for DJ sets and also bass design for my own productions. Its a huge boon all round.”


Matt Black is a British DJ and one half of music duo Coldcut (along with Jonathan More), which founded Ninja Tune. As a student at New College, Oxford, he was a member of a band called The Jazz Insects, whose first single was played by John Peel in his radio show. Black is widely regarded as one of the most innovative people in the new sphere of AudioVisual performance – his legendary AV tracks include “Timber” by Coldcut and Hexstatic as well as early involvement in the classic rave VJ series Xmix. Black is one of the inventors of the VJamm software used in the Coldcut live show. He is also a founding member of the (now defunct) VJ group Hex, and of the VJ group The VJamm Allstars with whom he continues to perform shows. Black has also worked alongside Crass Agenda as part of the Savage Utopia project.