"Nothing leaves my studio without hitting the SUBPAC. Within the first day of using it, the SUBPAC became a critical part of my monitoring system. Unless you're into working with your head inside a sub woofer port, or you can bring a professionally treated listening environment with you everywhere you go, this is one piece of gear worth making a part of your rig."

Combining an array of meticulously tweaked polytemponic beats, explosive basslines, and soaring melodies, Sugarpill fluidly melds sounds into a crunked-out speaker shaking musical escapade.

The Sugarpill sound and live experience defies the boundaries of genre-centric electronic music and ventures into a multidimensional musical realm that unites fans across a vast spectrum. With sounds that churn audiences in visceral dance while simultaneously captivating the imagination through soulful harmony, Sugarpill continues to break ground at the forefront of the West-Coast future sound.