Big Chocolate

"Audio and low end are such delicate aspects and this tool removes a lot of confusion you can run into by trying to process the true tone and levels of your low end, regardless of room treatment."

Cameron Argon a.k.a. Big Chocolate is a music man of sorts. From his musical beginnings dabbling in the heavy side of metal, Argon’s journey through music has been shaped by a love for exploring different sonic textures and grooves. Whether unleashing club-smashing, experimental bangers, or touching listeners’ emotions with lush sonic soundscapes, Argon has shared his multi-genre take on bass music with audiences across the globe. Always seeking to share his own experiences through music, Big Chocolate has continued to evolve and grow, gaining support from the likes of Diplo, Carnage, and Destroid, on his way to delivering bass-heavy cuts that both shake the dancefloor, and vibrate the soul. With performances at festivals from Ultra to Movement under his belt, Argon looks to bring his signature sounds to fans of all types of dance music in 2016, with his Midways” series and beyond.