"Deep sub frequencies are a mystery no longer! Now with the SUBPAC I can make good and accurate decisions in the low end when I'm mixing down my tracks and it makes for a very immersive and enjoyable listening experience."

Q&A with Slynk about the SUBPAC:

What role does “feeling” play in the music you make and love?
Using the SUBPAC allows me to feel the bass the same way my fans will feel it on the dancefloor which is really important in the music writing process. It transports me from my studio to the dancefloor of a big festival and I just feel completely immersed in the music. It is the only piece of equipment in my studio that allows me to experience deep frequencies and I feel like I’m hearing my favorite music as it was intended to be heard for the first time.

Has the SUBPAC changed the way you create, produce or mix music?
I use it everyday single day and it has become a crucial puzzle piece in my studio. Music isn’t tangible and it seems mysterious sometimes and it can be hard to make the right decision with your song writing process. You need all the information you can get. Listening, looking at a spectrum analyzer, and now feeling with the SUBPAC. It’s essential.

How could physical audio” change our relationship to sound and music in the future?
It’s a new and very memorable way to experience music and I feel like our connection will grow stronger to our favorite music with physical audio. Certain frequencies resonate with my body more than others and I find myself gravitating towards those songs that “feel” right. Major and minor scales generally invoke a happy and sad feeling in the listener. Maybe in the future we will discover certain sub frequencies that invoke different emotions in people.

What excited you about the FEEL.SUBPAC project?
I’m really excited to discover what people come up with for the site! Will there be half hour back massage audio clips? Maybe some kind of trance inducing meditation clip? How will people push the SUBPAC to its limits? Will there be music with frequencies too low for the human ear to hear? Only SUBPAC users will know!

Slynk’s Sub Bass Tutorial:

ABOUT Slynk:

Naturally gifted with a musical ear, Evan aka Slynk flirted at first with a range of classical instruments including piano, guitar and drums, but it’s when he started experimenting with sampling and sound design that the wheels were ultimately set in motions.

From his first gigs in an underground New York inspired café in his hometown of Brisbane, to his first International appearance at Shambala’s Fractal Forest, in 2009, 5 years had gone by 5 years spent refining his skills and experimenting and educating himself and his fans with mash up productions of classic hip hop, ingrained with rare and funky, rhythmically savvy grooves.  Read More...

With the overwhelming support and love from the world’s most respected funky breaks producers behind him, Slynk ‘s reputation has been growing strong with now numerous releases on several labels under his belt (Jalapeno Records, Goodgroove, and Discocakes just to name a few).

His timeless nufunk electro boogie bravado has met the public with an overwhelming enthusiasm, climbing the charts in more than one occasion as in the case of the robust bass treatment and hippunishing live drum swing He reserved for his rework of Ed Solo & Deekline’s “No No No!” that comfortably sat at number one in Juno’s best Selling Single Chart.

His fourth appearance at Fractal Forest in 2013 brought his unstoppable Forward Momentum to a new level with a set that not only constitutes his best credentials to day but also consecrated his name to the West Coast Funk Nation. Nothing more than another step in spreading his instantsmileprovokingsupreme’80sfunkflavored boogie, Slynk moved to British Columbia at the beginning of the summer of 2013 to complete his conquering of the New World and, as an Ambassador of Funk, he is now getting ready to share his love for music with the rest of the world.