Jumping Jack Frost

"SUBPAC is the future it's perfect for that extra mix down when you want to tune your bass just right . I have tried it in the studio and linked it to my home DJ set up and it's absolutely sublime in both set ups. Grab your SUBPAC now and your bass experience will never be the same again."

Jumping Jack Frost hit the DJ circuit in 1987 mixing funk, hip hop and original breakbeats then diving into the acid house circuit via the CARWASH nights in the late 80s, along side DJ GROOVERIDER, BRYAN GEE, FABIO and PETE STEWART. When the rave scene exploded Frost was at it’s forefront, enjoying the freedom of going with the flow and mixing drastically different styles of music toSUIT the mood of the moment.

Starting at the (FRIDGE) in brixton. Frost went on to headline many legendary events of the era including Sunrise and Energy. At THE FRIDGE Frost was resident with ELLIS DEE, PAUL TROUBLE ANDERSON and EVIL EDDIE RICHARDS. Read More...

Joining DYNAMIX dj agency run by Eddie Richards was a major turning point in Frosts life, now things got serious. It was time to start seeing the World, Germany, Japan, and lots of more great countries.

Even being in Northern Ireland in the dark days when nobody else wanted to go!!!! Bcm and Ibiza with CARL COX and gigs with THE PRODIGY are just a few more names to mention. There have been so many experiences to date, for example, the first time in Italy with FRANKIE VALENTINE and being caught in the middle of a Neo Nazi march in germany with Fabio. Also being in Germany when the BERLIN WALL came down.

His friendship with BRYAN GEE was formed when Frost heard Bryan’s diverse set in a small SouthLONDON bar. Bryan left his promotions job at Outer Rhythm with some demos by then unknown Bristol Artists RONI SIZE and KRUST. The two teamed up and started their own label V RECORDINGS to release them.

To watch Roni, Krust, Die, Dynamite andSUV develop into full blown artists and the satisfaction and pride watching REPRAZENT win the MERCURY MUSIC PRIZE is a feeling that cannot be described. Frost then joined a fresh new agency called GROOVE CONNECTION run by SARAH SANDY with djs Fabio, Grooverider, Micky Finn and Bryan Gee. This was the beginning of a whole new chapter in the life of Frost.

In 1993 Frost produced one of the jungle scenes most seminal anthems THE BURIAL (MOBO nominated)recorded under the name LEVITICUS with a young engineer called DILLINJA at the controls and OPTICAL on the vocal mix which features Frosts sister YOLANDA. The sound was too hardcore for the experimental and so cutting-edge labels V and PHILLY BLUNT was formed.

In 1994 Frost joined the Roast team this was another great landmark in his career and a another positive turning point in the jungle scene. The exemplary rise of labels V and PHILLY BLUNT are illustrated by the success of the V CLASSIC album released in 1997 which confirmed Frost and Bryan as leading forces on the scene on both sides of the Atlantic.

Frost spent 5 years at KISS 100 winning the BEST RADIO DJ AWARD. Frost and Bryan then headed 2 America where they spent two years as monthly residents at the world famous TWILO. New York put them on the map… In america Planet V had arrived. Frost was also a monthly resident at the VIPER ROOM in Los Angeles and INDUSTRY in Toronto. Planet V at BAGLEYS and THE END nightclub were legendary to say the least. Frost has remixed JAMIROQUAI, CATH COFFEY and DRIZABONE to name a few. After meeting DJ MARKY and PATIFE and going 2 Brasil Frost and Bryan decided to release an EP featuring the best talent from Brasil this was called THE BRASIL EP.