Optiv & CZA

"SUBPAC brings a whole new dynamic to any studio or live setup. The physical aspect of being able to feel the low end is excellent. Now it’s such a vital part of our setup we would be lost without it. Essential game changer!"

ABOUT Optiv & CZA:

For nearly two decades, Optiv and CZA, as both collaborative force and as producers in their own right, have been the standard bearers of quality Drum and Bass, consistently producing rich, eclectic and ever-surprising sounds that push the boundaries and expectations of the genre.

Optiv founder of Red Light Records, has proven to be one of the most dynamic producers of his time. His innovative input has been a driving force on the scene and his work continues to influence and shape the future sounds of Drum and Bass.

Creative partner in crime CZA moved into Drum & Bass from Techno in 1996 producing a series of highly successful releases whilst working for the iconic Record Basement shop and sister company Vinyl Distribution.

It was during this period that the institution that is Cause4Concern was founded and Optiv & CZA have continued to work together as the core of C4C for the last 18 years transforming their early techno and electro influences into their now signature sound. This long term partnership has fostered in their production a unity and intensity unique to them, a sound that both the industry and the fans have clamoured for, a sound that remains cutting edge and bold at every turn.

With a desire to communicate something new while remaining loyal to their C4C roots, the duo have been working on a range of experimental and innovative projects over the last three years. Their forthcoming album What Lies Ahead” will be a showcase of their wide-ranging technical expertise, their sharp addictive beats, and their dark and layered sounds.

Optiv & CZA’s Massive Bass & EQ Tutorial

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