MC Toast

"SUBPAC M2 is an excellent piece of equipment. Listening to some of your favorite music, from Jazz to Drum & Bass you really do feel like part of the music."

Grant Robinson aka Toast MC, 31 years old, lives in London and has been on hosting duties for around 9 years. Things have got busy for him in 2007, when dubstep scene blew up and he started hosting a very popular radio show called Minimal Monday, which was on Rinse FM with Youngsta.

Toast MC is known for having a connection with the crowd what he does best – You are there for music, not me.” He fells very blessed to have met so many wonderful people in past 9 years, Grant has travelled all over the world, played in venues in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Japan, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland & Croatia. He has been on the line-ups of festivals like Glastonbury, Outlook, Let It Roll and Bestival. Toast MC hosted the likes of Goldie and Zinc – two names, that he never thought he will play with. He award for Best host/MC” in 2012 and together with Youngsta won award for Best radio show” 3 years in a row.

We’ll take you down, we’ll take you deeper underground – now listen!”
It’s deep, it’s dark and it’s minimal – this is the sound!”