"SUBPAC has completely changed the way I make music. It has allowed me to feel exactly what the audience is feeling, when standing in front of that rack of subs and having their hair blown off. It has allowed me to dig deep into the most intimate and exciting part of the musical experience - the sub bass. What was previously guess work has now been revealed. Let there be bass!"

The right song at the right time has the power to completely change our lives. Some songs will stay with us for years as we go through life, recalling those feelings of nostalgia when reminiscing, and moments of healing when pained. Some are more fleeting and will hit us at the perfect moment on the dance floor, and we may never hear it again.

Based out of Toronto, Canada, TWONO had been making music since He was a boy, playing in bands as a drummer since 2003. In late 2009, He was awakened by a powerful dream. In it, He realized the power that dance music could have in communicating the message that has been within Him since birth. He started DJing in mid-2010 and had His first dance music release in mid-2012. Read More...

Drawing from a wide variety of sources ranging from Romantic Classical to Nordic Black Metal, TWONO delivers a deep and diverse blend of Progressive House and Techno. His music has been described as both visceral and ethereal – a feeling that awakens from within as we look up at the stars.

His debut EP from 2014, ‘Adam and Eve’, charted at #21 overall on the Beatport Progressive House Top 100 and was supported by Gareth Emery and Markus Schulz, among others. Since then, TWONO has developed a signature sound. As he continues to build a significant reserve of original music, TWONO will soon launch His bi-weekly radio show – Supernal Radio. From there, TWONO will finally begin unveiling his new originals.