"SUBPAC is a next level development in sound healing and music application. The SUBPAC is bringing one closer to feel, connect, and experience the power of sound like never before!"

Dingoni first began practicing meditation about 7 years ago. This discipline bestowed a life-changing sense of awareness that led him to adopt the yogic lifestyle. He then began to apply this state of meditative movement to his passion for the flow arts, greatly enhancing his creativity in both poi and juggling. A few years later, he became a certified yoga teacher. After utilizing singing bowls and didgeridoo during his own personal yoga practice, he began to recognize and hone the profound healing potential within the sacred union of sound and meditation.

A desire to bathe the world in healing vibrations became a passion for Dingoni. He believes that once a connection to the flow-state” has been established, anything is possible and one can overcome any obstacle. With shamanic instruments like the didgeridoo and 432 HZ-tuned crystal singing bowls, he guides others through deeply meditative and energetic sound healing baths. He hosts weekly sound healing and meditation workshops in Southern California and can otherwise be found spreading healing vibrations and teaching flow arts workshops at gatherings like Lucidity, Symbiosis and Bhakti Fest. Dingoni is also one of the co-creators of an event called Universal Flow Gathering. UFG is a SoCal festival dedicated to yoga, meditation, and the flow arts.