Yoga of Bass

"Truly a transformative technology, the SUBPAC channels the essence of sound and vibration in a way that no other device outside of a massive beautifully tuned sound system can."

Yoga of Bass is a multi-faceted collaboration between DJ/Music Producer FreQ Nasty (aka Darin McFadyen) and yoga teacher Claire Thompson, which explores the ecstatic, life-changing experiences people have with music, yoga, and the dance floor. Workshops range from discussions of how the rave experience relates to neuroscience, Buddhist thought and cutting edge psychology, to yoga and free movement sessions set to world bass and dub on a big soundsytem, to meditative sound healings delivered through the SUBPAC M2 tactile bass system. The Yoga of Bass project has grown from Darin and Claire’s own experience in the fields of music, creativity, movement, and meditation, and 10 years of study with Buddhist masters Lama Marut and Upasaka Culadasa. Read More...

Claire trained in Yoga Asana at Exhale in Los Angeles as well as studying singing and dance, and practicing massage therapy for 15 years. Darin has practiced yoga in the Satyananda lineage for nearly 20 years, including using yoga and meditation to stay grounded while touring the world to promote his FreQ Nasty releases FreQ’s Geeks & Mutilations on Botchit and Scarper and Bring Me the Head of FreQ Nasty on Skint, as well as recent releases on his own record imprint. He now uses his work with the SUBPAC Tactile Audio System to combine meditation, music, healing and technology in new ways.

In the past 5 years, Yoga of Bass has traveled across the world, bringing their unique vision to yoga studios, nightclubs, art spaces and music festivals including Wanderlust Yoga Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, Astral Harvest, Symbiosis, Glade UK, Wonderfruit Thailand, Luminate New Zealand, and Earth Frequency, Subsonic & Rainbow Serpent Festivals in Australia.