Shivarasa & Falconry

"I’ll admit I was skeptical of the SUBPAC… I mix at pretty low levels from years of producing in hotel rooms and in airports and I thought, ‘no way do I need to have the bass literally strapped to me’, but I tried it because it came so highly recommended from literally everyone. When I finally brought it home to LP Studios and sat down with my S2, I felt and heard an entire world I had been missing."


Shivarasa is a European-born, Florida-bred, and now LA-based producer and DJ. As a regular contributor to L.A.’s vast, vibrant and ultra-selective musical heritage, Shivarasa has garnered prominence & visibility.


ABOUT Falconry:

Falconry is a Grammy-nominated producer, Grammy-nominated songwriter, and world-class performer. Raised in Baltimore, MD and nearby Washington, D.C., there he was first introduced to club music, go-go, punk rock, and what at the time was the seminal east coast hip hop scene.