"The SUBPAC is a game changer. Another dimension has been created for experiencing sound vibration."

Q&A with Shivarasa about the SUBPAC:

What role does “feeling” play in the music you make and love?
Feeling is everything for me. Music is pure vibration that can manipulate how we feel in any given moment. I believe it is the most powerful art form that exists for that reason. I love being able to shift the vibration of a room when I DJ, and even more than that, I love being able to create the sounds that help me express how I feel.

Has the SUBPAC changed the way you create, produce or mix music?
SUBPAC has opened up another portal in how I create music. I no longer have to depend on just my ears to decipher the low end frequencies, I can feel them. I can feel if a high hat has a low end in it that I normally couldn’t hear. I can feel if my kick and bass are muddied up together. Sometimes I even use it to prepare for my live sets. Read More...

When I’m DJing on a big sound system, the bass dominates and it can be a more of a challenge to hear how I’m mixing my tracks. Using the SUBPAC at home helps me prepare for the actual experience of what it feels like to mix on a stage with a big sound system.


How could physical audio” change our relationship to sound and music in the future?
We’ve been experiencing physical audio for some time now, but the SUBPAC has really fine tuned this experience and taken it to another level. It creates many new possibilities for us in the realm of sound healing. SUBPAC has already been exploring this. I think that’s one of the most powerful directions we could move in with the physical audio experience.

What excited you about the Feel SUBPAC project?
I’ve been using the SUBPAC in my studio to help me mix, but being asked to create a track exclusively for it put me in a new headspace. I got to expand my approach of manipulating low end frequencies and for me that was most exciting. I’m excited to hear (and feel) what evolves out of creating deliberately for this platform.

About Shivarasa:

Shivarasa is a European-born, Florida-bred, and now LA-based producer and DJ. As a regular contributor to L.A.’s vast, vibrant and ultra-selective musical heritage, Shivarasa has garnered prominence & visibility.

Shivarasa’s mixes have been featured on terrestrial radio stations across the globe, from LA’s legendary 93.5 KDAY to BBC Radio. Her mixtapes have been featured exclusively on tastemaker blogs like HipHopDX, and Okayplayer premiered her most recent mix of bass anthems & edits, Shakti (Vol. 1). On occasion she’s appeared as the musical guest at L.A.’s most choice beat-centric events, namely The Do Over & Low End Theory, which proudly hosted both of her album release parties. Read More...

As a Dj and on-air personality she has been a resident co-host alongside Cypress Hill’s B-Real on BREAL.TV. She has performed as resident DJ on SKEE LIVE, performing with major artists from Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube to 2 Chainz and Chris Brown. Shivarasa has shared bills with Ludacris and DJ’d behind Cee-Lo’s enigmatic live show. She has performed at The SmokeOut Festival & Paid Dues as direct support for Nas, Damian Marley and Cypress Hill, proving she is as comfortable on the festival stage as she is in the underground.

In 2014 She released her first EP on Unspeakable Records, ‘Dark Moon’, which featured on XLR8R. The title track received an exclusive first play by the legendary Mary Anne Hobbs on her BBC Radio 6 Show.

In 2015 Shivarasa signed with Alpha Pup Records, the label and record distributor operated by Low End Theories own Daddy Kev. She released her highly anticipated debut LP “The Art of Allowing” and accompanying video medley that summer.

Shivarasa is a sonic sculpture, an artist with a potent and unique sound. She is truly enchanted by all the world’s music. Knitting together a respect for the traditional and a love for the futuristic.