Tom Middleton

"The SUBPAC is singularly the most exciting and creatively inspiring audio hardware innovation I'm integrating into my world right now. To physically connect, engage, react and create with infrasound is incredible."

With a career spanning over two decades and a reputation for consistently being 5 years ahead of the curve in music trend, for talent spotting, curation and his own productions.
Pioneering Electronic Artist and International Club / Festival DJ since 1991, has toured 49 countries to date. Read More...

Performing at venues around the world as large as 125,000 capacity.
Shared the stage and supported A-list talent such as Kanye West, Gaga, Snoop Dogg, Mark Ronson. Regularly hired for Celebrity/VIP and even Royal events.

Classically trained Orchestral ‘Cellist and Pianist, studied Graphic Design.
Technophile, headphone / earphone / Dj hardware expert and design consultant for major brands.

Founded the SONUX user experience consultancy as a sound architect, branding strategist, scientist and Psychomusicology Researcher bringing innovations to the UX sector. Including unique bioharmonic soundscapes, and passive listening solutions, and a particular area of interest, custom content for the Sleep Tech and Apps sector.

Discovered and curated The Aphex Twin debut EP, signed Matthew Herbert’s debut release. Curated the first festival appearances for Hot Chip and Mylo.

Known for seminal and highly influential electronic albums in the 90’s as founding member of Global Communication and Jedi Knights, Reload and Secret Ingredients.
Charted as Cosmos with ‘Take Me With You’.

As a DJ, fluidly draws the dots between genres and eras with sublime ease, and currently plays a funk fuelled, emotive and soulful mix of futuristic Bass and Space, Deep House, Techno, Electro Boogie, Bass music and Garage with respectful references to the roots and masters of the genres.

Celebrated as having broken boundaries in edutainment and eclecticism as a festival and compilation DJ with the now legendary Sound of The Cosmos triple and Trip 1+2 double volumes, along with Crazy Covers 1+2, 3D and One More Tune. Sound Architect and playlist curator for Yotel.