Subatomic Sound System

"If you can't feel the bass you aren't hearing Subatomic Sound. With the SUBPAC, people can finally experience our music the way it was meant to be, no matter where they happen to be."

ABOUT Subatomic Sound System:

Founded in 1999, Subatomic Sound System brought together musicians, producers, DJs and visual artists from a variety of backgrounds and traditions primarily based in New York City and Brooklyn to form a record label and collective that built on a combination of new music technology and traditional instruments to produce music across a variety of genres, often combining genres, in an effort to adapt 1970s’ Jamaican sound system culture and dub reggae studio techniques to current music genres and forms of live performance. In fall 2008, Subatomic Sound System garnered international attention for a limited edition vinyl 12″ featuring their collaboration with Vienna’s Dubblestandart and dub reggae inventor Lee “Scratch” Perry, releasing the first songs from Perry in the dubstep genre, one of the first recorded examples of a tangible connection between the popular UK based electronic genre that emerged in the begin of the first decade of the 21st century and the Jamaican dub reggae from the 1970s where dubstep’s origins were rooted and which had been primarily originated by Perry himself. Beginning in 2008, Subatomic Sound System started hosting weekly radio shows on 91.5fm, Radio New York and webcast on Brooklyn Radio.

“Revolution 2 Freedom” Subatomic Sound System + Junior Dread

Latest Subatomic Sound System single mixed & mastered with the SUBPAC.

Subatomic Sound System + Junior Dread