Zach Krausnick

"I am always striving to make the most immersive virtual reality experiences possible. SUBPAC gives me a way to really bring physical presence to the experience - it's impossible to go back from having that dimension."

Zach Krausnick is a creative technologist and lead interactive developer at DotDotDash based in Portland, Oregon. He has created custom virtual reality experiences for Adidas, HTC, Pepsi, VFILES, and Urban Outfitters. He has collaborated on performances including projection mapping custom content with virtual reality components at PS1 MOMA and at the Barbican Center with multimedia artist EMA as part of an artist residency. His work with the Galactic Gallery is at the forefront of bridging the new medium of virtual reality with artists of more traditional mediums and has been a featured piece at Lightning in a Bottle and Kaleidoscope VR.