Sinjin Hawke

"I’m completely addicted to the SUBPAC, can’t produce without it. It feels like mainlining sub­frequency information to my brain and tells me way more about what's going on in the subs than a traditional subwoofer setup."

SINJIN HAWKE has been making liquid­ metal waves recently, strutting his production acumen in a series of collaborations with the likes of Just Blaze, MikeQ, L­Vis 1990 and Sicko Mobb. Kanye West has notably tapped Sinjin to co­produce ‘Wolves’ alongside Cashmere Cat and Mike Dean, where you can hear Hawke’s trademark upper­ register vocal manipulation give the song its acidic bite. And whether it’s remixes for ghetto house legends, wildly textured club machinations or space­age grime/Memphis amalgams, Sinjin’s orchestral arrangements feel as monolithic as thousand­ year­ old statues carved out of granite cliffs.