Malte Hagemeister

"Feeling the bass rather than hearing it connects you to the VR world in a beautiful subconscious way. The SUBPAC is the missing link to an immersive experience."

Composer, producer, artist, DJ – Malte Hagemeister has always been wearing many musical hats. Currently balancing between exploring the new wonders of VR, scoring international TV ads and recording his retro rock band The Great Escape the German transplant in LA looks back at a 20+ years career in music. He’s created songs with diverse artists like electronic pioneer Timo Maas, 90s girl pop sensation The Sugababes and Indie rockers Placebo. Style clash is his secret love – as iPunx he was one of the mashups pioneers more than 10 years ago. His music production company Nordmeister is based in Venice, CA where he lives with his wife, three kids and a cat.