"The SUBPAC is one of the greatest inventions in music; for musicians and listeners alike."


Grabbitz (Nick Chiari) is a producer/ singer-songwriter from Buffalo, NY. His expert production and songwriting has landed him placements in major television series, a collaboration with Deadmau5, and over 25 million collective streams.

Grabbitz blurs the lines between alternative and electronic music. Producing, writing, and recording all of his own records, he creates a style in and of itself with hauntingly catchy vocals that sit on top of his own beats.

He recently purchased a SUBPAC M2 for an exceptional bassist Mitchell Law. Mitchell, a 15-year-old high school student from Buffalo NY, is an individual who has autism spectrum disorder with severe hearing and vision impairment, yet is a musician. Practicing upwards of 5 hours a day, Mitchell’s heightened music senses allow him to play by feeling the bass note vibrations.