"SUBPAC has been essential to my production work for years, and I won't work or mix without it. Late at night, when my ears might get tired, I can turn down the volume and still know what's going on with the low end."

An agent provocateur of sonics, with a crepuscular Norwegian background heavy on classic synthesizers and vintage tape recorders, schwarzmodul has spent years connecting wires, sounds and ideas in subversive ways.  A project by now LA-based recording artist, remixer and film composer Cato, schwarzmodul produces sunless, glitchy dark ambient and techno, reacting to big city machinery, sonorities and dilapidated architecture, inspired inversely by the glitz of Hollywood and the grimy trenches of Downtown LA and beyond. This inspiration also led to a fast-growing art photography/video presence on Instagram, perfectly complimenting his music and finding other outlets incl. two self-produced videos for tracks Subraze” and Jader Burn”, as well as the video for his 2015 collab track with Robot Koch, Night Drive”.

schwarzmodul’s first s/t release for Track Number Records (November 2016) was forged inside an industrial bunker and accompanied by an xlr8r video premiere.  schwarzmodul is significantly featured on Robot Koch’s Tsuki” and Hypermoment” releases on Monkeytown Records, and was one of the select artists invited by Berlin-based Native Instruments for their Komplete Sketches” project.  Recent releases include a remix of Skipping Stairs” by Robot Koch and Savannah Jo Lack, plus the track Circuitous”, included on a CD-compilation from Electronic Sound Magazine (UK).  Now working on his next EP for Track Number Records, for release in early spring 2019, the title track Bloodwork” will drop in late 2018.

As Cato, he has written full scores and music for feature films like Stone” (Robert De Niro) and Smokin’ Aces”, remixed T.Rex and The Who, and was recently chosen to reimagine the music of Vangelis.  Having had his music, remixes and dark musical sound design featured in over a thousand trailers (Halloween”, Suspiria”, Venom”), TV-shows (How To Get Away With Murder”), video games (Need For Speed”) and films (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”), Cato is constantly in demand for his unique talents.

Cato also releases music under the monikers OneCarreraTwo” and Circadian Delays”.