"SUBPAC helps me seek and destroy standing waves and other low-end artifacts in my mix. Even in well treated studios, it's hard to hear anything below 30 hz; SUBPAC preserves the clarity of my music all the way down to the inaudible range, making it one of the most essential tools in my studio."

Encanti created SUBPAC Optimized Ableton Operator and Wavetable Bass racks that are great for EDM, Dubstep, Trap, and sound design. He’s an in-demand sound designer that has worked with well-known music software manufactures and is an Assistant Professor of Music Production, Technology, and Innovation at Berklee School of Music.

ABOUT Encanti:

Encanti is the artist name of Ben Cantil, releasing music under the pseudonym Zebbler Encanti Experience. Zebbler Encanti Experience (aka ZEE) pairs the innovative visual design of VJ Peter ‘Zebbler’ Berdovsky (widely known for his work with Shpongle and EOTO over the years) with the forward-thinking audio wizardry of Ben ‘Encanti’ Cantil.  ZEE releases music regularly on Gravitas Recordings; releasing dance tracks to be supported by Bassnectar, Space Jesus, and Liquid Stranger; and has collaborated with artists such as Mr. Bill, Of The Trees, Au5, and acclaimed vocalist Ganavya Doraiswamy.

Ben Cantil is also an Assistant Professor of Music Production, Technology, and Innovation at Berklee Valencia in Valencia, Spain, where he teaches electronic music production and sound design. As an educator, Ben approaches electronic music as a multidisciplinary artform that unifies traditional song writing with sound design, arranging, and audio engineering. By focusing primarily creative strategies and philosophy, his workshops are classes aim to enable and inspire musicians of all backgrounds and skill levels, regardless of what instruments or software they use.