Mr. V

"I am shocked at how powerful and compact the SUBPAC is. It's allowed me to experience my music all over again."

Mr. V is an American house and Latin music DJ, producer, and rapper. He is a regular collaborator of Louie Vega and is also the co-owner of SOLE Channel Music, with Alix Alvarez.

He started DJing at the age of 14 in Spanish Harlem, but it would not be for many years that he would sign with the Masters At Work label, MAW Records, assisting Louie Vega. In 2001, founded SOLE Channel with Alix Alvarez, the pair releasing several tracks with their own label.

His most famous tracks have been “Da Bump”, released in 2006, and “Put Your Drink Down”, released in 2007, both included in the album Welcome Home.