Vinicius Honorio

"SUBPAC is an essential piece of gear that has changed the way I produce. It helps me translate how to get that bassline feeling from the club into my studio in its purest form. It is an exceptional experience that connects the music and the body."

Hailing from Brazil’s buzzing metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, Vini’s drum & bass alias ‘BTK’ has found homes far and wide, with international releases on a wide range of the industry’s leading labels. His music has appeared on Blackout Music, Dispatch, Playaz, Shogun Audio, Ram Records, and V Records, to name only a few.

This range of imprints easily show the dynamism of his work, and an innate ability to appeal to a variety of audiences. Never treading the same ground twice, his prolific production skills have meant that he has been constantly in demand all over the world.

Under his techno moniker as Vinicius Honorio, he had releases on Emmanuel’s ARTS, Berghain’s resident Fiedel vinyl-only label Super Sound Tool and Fiedel II, Developer’s Modularz/Olympian. His big break through was on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode Records back in 2017 and Vini hasn’t stopped since; he keeps pushing his raw and darker techno sound into 2021.

From Stuttgart’s Lehmann to London’s Fabric and Sao Paulo’s D.Edge Club, and festival performances at UK’s Glastonbury and Boomtown, Croatia’s Outlook, Belgian’s Dour, Czech’s gigantic Let It Roll Festival, playing techno and drum&bass gigs all around the globe, Vini’s music are always fully packed with energy and passion that only his unique sound brings.