Rob Smith

"Bass has always been something to feel as well as hear... the first sounds we hear in the womb are bass tones. It inspires a range of emotions from warm bliss, to exhilaration and excitement. SUBPAC lets you really feel the bass and sub tones that you are listening to or working on."

It’s possible to really tune in to the sub frequencies, physically as well as audibly, and allows you hear or work on tones that you might not normally hear or even notice, even at low listening levels. I often work at home, late at night monitoring with headphones (because of the neighbors) and with SUBPAC. I’m able to feel/hear the bass as if it’s being played loud or on a big system, but in the room it’s not loud at all.”

Rob Smith is a DJ, musician and remixer from Bristol, England. He is currently on the Grand Central Records independent record label, playing breakbeat hip-hop, dub and reggae-influenced music, as well as producing dubstep tracks as RSD on a number of labels. Rob was formerly a Drum & Bass/Jungle DJ, most notably alongside Ray Mighty and Peter D Rose in Smith & Mighty on the !K7 Records label. Smith and Rose also produced music under the moniker of More Rockers.