"The SUBPAC is the most immersive piece of equipment in my studio and helps me visualise a track’s low end better than any spectral analyzer ever could. Experiencing real bass weight is what first drew me into making music and it’s what keeps me passionate about it to this day. "

Lenzman is a music producer, unorthodox A&R and soulful Drum & Bass ambassador, championing a sound which rises above trends and pushes the genre to new depths. The Amsterdam-based artist also owns and masterminds his boutique label The North Quarter which has been causing a stir with its multi-genre releases in unconventional formats. As a producer Lenzman earned his stripes on the revered UK label Metalheadz, where he released two albums to critical acclaim; including the personal concept album “Bobby”.

His nonconformist vision has delivered some of the scene’s most genre-defying moments and gained him a loyal and burgeoning fanbase, eagerly awaiting his next move. This fluid approach to making music builds bridges between Hip Hop and Drum & Bass through bold collaborations with some of the UK’s finest vocalists set against the backdrop of his signature melancholic style.

The North Quarter is Lenzman’s soulful exploration into new territories and encapsulates his Hip Hop, Soul and Jazz influences and beyond. The imprint has swiftly become the home of some of the most exciting producers and vocalists within the UK bass music scene. The label merges together musicians from different worlds to create a deeper and more resonating experience for lovers of soulful music.

Lenzman’s live sets are like his music: fearless and undiluted. Bogotá, Bangkok, Cape Town, London and New York –when he’s not in the studio, he has a busy tour schedule drawing crowds and packing out clubs and festivals across the globe