"From the first moment I truly felt sound with a SUBPAC, I understood its potential as one of the greatest biohacks in human history. Not only does the technology make us One with the audio, but it also provides incredible, deep, and relaxing sound immersions - leading me to believe SUBPAC has the power to help heal our physical, emotional and energetical bodies."

Vinyl DJ & Events Specialist Peacharoo works with SUBPAC to create uplifting, alchemic experiences on the dancefloor and in meditation, using unique blends of SUBPAC Optimized sound and analogue vinyl recordings to elevate the energies of his audiences. His concept company VA Ibiza (Spain) creates spaces for unique sound/vibration connections & journeys, and is soon to be opening the doors of the Ibiza Music scene to previously uncharted territory with the Deaf\Ibiza project.