Maria Batlle

"SUBPAC helps me to break the sound barrier, now there's no limits for me to share the experience of sounds and music with Deaf children."

Maria Batlle is the Founder & Chair of The Muse Seek Project. Maria is a self-taught visual artist, musician and cultural entrepreneur based in the Dominican Republic.

In 2013 Maria founded The Muse Seek Project: the first organization breaking barriers between music and Deaf children in the Dominican Republic described by Forbes Magazine as a brilliant initiative for Deaf children”.

In September 2014 she was invited by Columbia University’s Education Laboratory to present a seminar about The Muse Seek Project as a successfully run project in the Dominican Republic.

In March 2015 she directed her second documentary film for The ARTicle: Whale MuseSeek”; the film features The Muse Seek Project’s collaboration with Dr. David Rothenberg exploring the sounds of the humpback whales with Deaf children in Samaná, Dominican Republic.

2015 will be Maria’s third year participating in the Yo Yo Ma’s institute at Harvard University exploring how music and the arts take place in learning environments.

In addition, the New York University invited Maria to present a lecture about how technology has contribute to her organization The Muse Seek Project.