Liquid Bloom

"Producing music with the SUBPAC is a visceral sonic experience like no other! Each time I sat down to work I felt a surge of therapeutic sub frequencies pulse through my body, unifying me with the music. I can see so many cutting edge sound therapy modalities utilizing this masterful invention."

Offering soundscapes for mind, body and spirit, Liquid Bloom transports the listener to imaginative realms inspired by the resonance of the world’s ancient lineages. Designed by Amani Friend from Desert Dwellers, this visionary project provides a soundtrack for intentional expeditions of inner growth. Blending ceremonial instrumentation with natural field recordings, sublime vocals and layered sound design, Liquid Bloom’s deep meditative styling is a vessel for peace and awakening vision. Read More...

Whether paired with meditation, yoga, bodywork, dance or artistic creation, Liquid Bloom grants the listener a spacious sonic experience. It offers a journey through dreamstates, memories and the subconscious, and in our quest for inspiration and creative insight, its applications are limited only by the imagination. Infused with the sounds of artists Ixchel Prisma, Rara Avis, Robert Mirabal, Sarah West, and numerous other musical visionaries from around the globe, this tapestry of sound will emerge as a liquid whisper in one moment and a breath of healing flames in the next.