"Bass is that invisible, yet most potent of experiences in today’s dance music. With SUBPAC you are immersed into that tactile realm of today’s bass culture; it truly deepens that experience where physiology meets music and psychology meets sound."

Two decades of applying relentless dancefloor pressure to West Coast heads has this selecta carving out a dedicated following of bass huffers who live and dance for the lost art of DJing. Named by peers as “The DJ’s DJ”, his art form is commanding the dancefloor while sourcing the leading edge and culture of sound with mixes that syncopate those realms with global motifs, exotic elements and tempo-morphing whomp. Read More...

In his hands, behind his decks, EDM’s emerging and established genres – Glitch, Dubstep, Drum n Bass, Trap, House, Dub and Breaks – all get the tempo-morphing floor-hopping workover. Expect the unexpected; you’ll never hear the same set twice!