Scratcha DVA

"The SUBPAC is gr8 2werk with in the studio. Using it pushes me 2get mo creative in the lower frequencies, i can literally feel the track."

Scratcha DVA is a highly respected DJ and producer and one of Hyperdub’s Key players. Throughout his career he’s been immune to easy genre definitions, as a producer who has cut a joyful path through dance music, joining the dots between trends and styles into his colourful productions. His latest offering ‘NOTU_URONLINEU‘ moved away from some of his older work exploring hybrid sounds with dynamic and hypnotic results such as Take It All EP including remixes from Sinjin Hawke and his EP ‘Allyallrecords’ was a clear demonstration of that with his spoon bender tracks with Addison Groove & Mickey Pearce.

Armed with an extensive back-catalogue and the ability to make distinctive dance hybrid tracks, Scratcha DVA is now a renowned figure in the game