“My experience with SUBPAC, well this thing is now an indispensable part of my studio. It’s ridiculously good. I can work quietly on headphones late at night and feel like I’m sat in front of a huge speaker stack in a club. I can feel the subtle changes between notes in the sub and what frequency in the body they resonate with. I can feel when the bass isn’t quite right instead of having to crank my studio monitor volume to check. I can feel for just the right balance between kick and sub, and I can reference to other tracks to make sure all my low-end is sat in the right place in the mix. It’s perfect! “


Dom Howard has been writing, producing, promoting and performing music professionally since 2001. Since his early releases in 2007 on Ranking Records, he has gone on to release on Deep Medi, Tectonic, Exceptional, Dispatch, Circus, and Counter records among other labels. His performances have taken him on tours across the world as “Ruckspin” and one half of “Author”, and as producer/engineer for”Submotion Orchestra”. Dom’s production and mix engineering skills have also been in demand from independent clients such as “Troumaca”(Brownswood), “Equals” (Fresh Selects), “Alex Clare” (Universal / Island / ETC) and “Laura Groeseneken” (Belgian Eurovision Entry 2018).

Alongside these projects, Dom also composes bespoke workfor production libraries and other clients. He has fulfilled briefs for NinjaTune (JIM), Multiverse, EMI, and Edition Peters, ranging from classical compositions to ambient electronica, from corporate adverts to film trailers.