John Tejada

"The biggest benefit the SUBPAC gives me is to really zero in on the low frequency content in my studio sessions, especially to measure the low end energy on individual sounds and tracks. It's this energy, if left unchecked which will ruin the mix of a song and I can't always properly hear it with monitors."

This just ends up in a more concise mix that will sound more accurate and balanced with a more focused low end.”

John Tejada is an electronic music artist, music producer, DJ, and record label owner. His Austrian father was an orchestra composer/conductor who met his mother, a soprano singer of Mexican-American descent while she was studying in Vienna.

He has recorded under diverse monikers for different labels. Names he has recorded under include Mr. Hazeltine, Lucid Dream, and Autodidact. He also provided a remix to Such Great Heights, from The Postal Service.