Art of Fighters

"SUBPAC is essential. I can mix my low ends by feelings instead of just using my ears, something you simply can’t do with a standard subwoofer. And at one third of the volume."

Q&A with Art of Fighters:

What role does “feeling” play in the music you make and love?
Feeling the bass is critical for the music I make and I love. Hardcore it’s a kickdrum based music, with a lot of bass material, which makes it really hard to discern and correctly clean up those subfrequencies, even in a acustic treated room. Using SUBPAC in the studio is helping me taking better decisions.

Has the SUBPAC changed the way you create, produce or mix music?
Indeed it did! The lowest key I was able to use was E, now I can go even lower since the SUBPAC can cleary represent bass tones under the 30hz, thing that was impossible even using a professional subwoofer!

And feeling the bass with this definition helped me cleaning up transients, resulting in a way more clear mix, even in the high frequency range.

How could “physical audio” change our relationship to sound and music in the future?

The feeling I had the first time I tried the SUBPAC was magical, the music was flowing not just in my ears but also around all my body. It’s similar to the feeling you may have in a club, when the soundsystem’s subwoofers pump out all the low frequencies material, but better and without the need of all that power.

Since I got mine I let all my colleagues and friends try it, and every time the reaction was WOW.

I think “Physical audio” is the biggest revolution in music since years.

What excited you about the Feel SUBPAC project?
I was immediatly surprised by seeing how many top artists and engineers are using SUBPAC, and the quantity and quality of material on the site. I think the Feel.SUBPAC program will be a huge success in no time, and lots of new talents will join the circle!

ABOUT Art of Fighters:

Art of Fighters history begun in Italy, year 1997. Just 18 years old when the first vinyl was released.
With more than 200 tracks released, including anthems and performances on for the biggest European festivals as Thunderdome, Tomorrowland or Defqon1, they became one of the leading and most respected act of the present and past Hardcore scene.

Known for their distinctive sound, a unique mix between harmony and technique, rawness and power, they collaborated as official contact creators for Xfer records Serum, Sylenth, and ReFX Nexus. Strongly believers that music is the only tool we have to save the world, they dedicated their life to the studio, experimenting and studying new techniques to connect as many people as possible using waves and audio information.