​Dub Kirtan All Stars

"The SUBPAC is new paradigm for feeling sound when producing music. Since the frequency response can go lower than any speaker can reproduce, it allows us to experiment with frequencies in our music that you can only feel using the SUBPAC."

Dub Kirtan All Stars was formed by DJ and producers David Starfire and FreQ Nasty with the intention to fuse bass-heavy dance music with kirtan, the call and response chants of the Indian devotional traditions. Bringing their collective spectrum of experience in the electronic music world to this ancient South Asian ritual, they create a potent amalgam of full frequency dance floor aesthetics and sublime mantra that is designed to move the feet and the voice simultaneously. Whether it’s the ‘Dub Kirtan Allstars’ 10 piece live collective or DJ set, they tear down the boundaries between bleeding edge technology and ancient wisdom, performer and audience, the sacred and everyday life. Covering a broad palette of styles from Hip Hop to Trap to Dubstep and the more traditional Dub you’d expect from their name. DKAS deftly weave together new tones and textures with some of the well known Kirtan vocalists in their search for new context for ancient spirituality. Based in Los Angeles, DKAS have performed at music festivals in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand. With yoga and spirituality becoming more commonplace, the future is now for bridging these two worlds together.