“Things have changed for me dramatically since using the SUBPAC in the studio. I can now use my headphones and still get the vibe it was missing from all that essential bass weight. But besides improving my neighbors lives, it has really opened up the way I work with subs in my music. Being able to get that close to the sub has allowed me to use it much more dynamically and incorporate sub into the groove of the track in interesting ways.”


ABOUT Malux:

MALUX is the fresh dnb moniker of deeply respected bass music pioneer SKOPE. Having propelled himself immediately into the drum and bass scene’s awareness with a pair of exceptionally powerful tracks on the legendary BAD TASTE RECORDINGS, his forward-thinking sensibilities and unique funk ethic in D&B have been firmly laid out. ‘Turbine’ and ‘Fonk’ received radio play from Noisia, Friction and Crissy Criss, as well as support from the Upbeats, setting the scene for a slew of powerful releases on the mightiest of labels in 2016, including debuts on ProgRAM and Inspected. Not to mention the remix of TCs “Next Hype” alongside Erb n Dub and Crissy Criss, which is making waves in the drum and bass world right now.

Malux Bass Tutorial:

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