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NAGA – 360 VR Music Video Created by Michael Strauss...


NAGA – 360 VR Music Video Created by Michael Strauss



This 360 music video created by Michael Strauss is for the song Naga by David Starfire on High Chai Recordings. This song is a SUBPAC Optimized and is a free download here.

Created by: Michael Strauss
Music by: David Starfire
More Info: dprogrammers

How to view on Youtube with Google Cardboard
1. Download Google Cardboard App on your phone and the Youtube app on your phone.
2. Connect your SUBPAC and headphones to your phone.
3. Click on this link and click the Google Cardboard icon.
4. Insert your phone into the VR headset and press play.

How to view on Gear VR:
1. You will need Samsung Gear goggles, headphones, and a SUBPAC.
2. Download file here on a Samsung phone.
3. Use browser to find the video and open in Gear.

How to view on Oculus and Vive download:
1. Download file here
2. Attach headphones and SUBPAC.
3. Open browser to find video and play.