SUBPAC teams up with The Muse Seek Project

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SUBPAC teams up with The Muse Seek Project...

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The Muse Seek Project fosters inclusion and aims to open up the world of music to Deaf children across the Dominican Republic and the world.

Through Participatory Action Research methods, Maria Batlle, founder of The Muse Seek Project helps children in the Deaf community experience music.

In August 2013, she attended the Arts and Passion Driven Learning workshop held by Harvard University and Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road Project, where she met two Silk Road Ensemble’s musicians (Hadi Eldebek and Cristina Pato) that are now also members of The Muse Seek Project.

Soon after, she embarked on a voluntary experiment in which she lived the life of a person that can not hear or speak for 2 months, in order to help her better understand the Hard of Hearing experience.

During this performance, Maria was invited by Microsoft as a speaker at their symposium about Change & Innovation, she presented The Muse Seek Project’s vision -without speaking in order to raise awareness- with techniques that showed the audience the experience of Music Vibrations.

Recently, Silk Road Project granted her a scholarship to return to Harvard University this summer.

The Muse Seek Project has officially partnered with SUBPAC and will continue to make an impact in enhancing the quality of life for the Deaf & Hearing Impaired through the art of inclusion.



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  • Leanne baines says:

    I have a profoundly deaf and blind son (age 15) who enjoys feeling music through his body. He had a cochlear implant fitted but it failed after 3 years and we didn’t have it replaced as he didn’t like wearing it and kept knocking it off. Consequently, I am very interested to see that you have experience of the SUBPAC. I was wondering if it is suitable for a child with his type of hearing loss and whether most of the children you have worked with have responded well. Also I am interested to know whether it could possibly be used with a Bluetooth microphone to access speech as well as music. I think he would wear a backpack but not headphones and I am wondering if it still works without the headphones. I understand that you feel the sounds in your stomach and chest, rather than having to use your ears
    Many thanks for your time