Stephan Bodzin

"What the SUBPAC does is actually quite easy to describe. It adds sub bass directly to your body. This is such an outstanding experience that got me addicted right away."

“I am using it for my own productions in the studio, in addition to my subwoofer, since it opens up a brand new way to spot and experience my bass frequencies.

It is very precise, yet completely intuitive. It is amazing what it does to the brain…
Even though I am listening to music in a lower volume (not as loud as I used to) nowadays, I am really more into it. I am enjoying the analogue warm sound of my gear more than ever. A good basseline is becoming a full body massage, just the way I like it also when playing at my gigs.

Another important advantage is that I can finally produce music while traveling (in the plane, hotel, airport lounge you name it) and I am not missing anything tech-wise! It is easy to carry and it replaces my studio sub wherever I need it. And actually, it does exactly what any subwoofer is doing: making you feel (!) those lowest parts of the audio.

So if you like bass, you will absolutely love the SUBPAC.”

Stephan Bodzin is a Berlin-based DJ, producer, and head of Herzblut Recordings.