Andy the Core

"I think it's a true studio upgrade for a producer and it's important as a proper monitor. For a producer like me that spends a lot of time in different studios, I always bring the SUBPAC with me to get a double check the bass, which is the the foundation of Hardcore music."

Andrea was born in 1989. At the age of 13 he approached Hardcore music. His passion for non conventional and brutal music is steadily enhanced by listening to Rock, Heavy Metal, Techno, Drum&Bass. This lively curiosity for sound researching allowed him to create the first tracks with the few instruments available at that moment. Passing through Hardstyle, Andrea found out an hard and brutal sound that he considered suitable to express himself. This style of Hardcore is now Andy The Core’s signature. Andrea keeps on working to improve his knowledge both form a technical and from a communicative point of view, beacuse he wants to involve and trigger a very large number of people. He’s now allied and member of Brutale, the inner core fortess for the actual and future producers of the extreme Hardcore sounds.