"I recommended SUBPAC to all of my students because there is simply no better way to mix low end without one, especially on a budget. It’s an essential piece of gear whether you’re a bedroom producer, or own a dedicated studio. I simply cannot stress how thankful I am to have a true reference for low end so that there is no guesswork involved."

Emerging from the American midwest, Mikrodot’s music maintains heavy dubstep’s infectious energy, but redefined in the context of the genre’s more minimal, dub-flavored sound system tradition. Coupled with a positive message and world instruments, the result is a sound uniquely his own: sometimes aggressive – often meditative – and unapologetically wonky.

Mikrodot’s future-facing perspective shines through his music. The artist’s innate creativity is complimented by a formal education in music production, and a clever approach to the digital music industry. More concerned with creating genuine music and community than achieving commercial success, Mikrodot generally self-releases, or releases his tracks with friends. He is featured on Heavy Traffic, Foundation Audio, and others, including his collaborative vinyl EP with Chief Kaya on For The Heads Records.

As a DJ, Mikrodot’s penchant for sharing his passion for the 140 sound has earned him fans all over the world. His proficiency on sound systems is a skill sure to impress any bass hungry crowd: memorable performances at The Black Box in Denver, CO justify the artist’s place on the Sub.mission Agency roster. As a representative of Sub.mission, Mikrodot marches alongside legends and new names alike, including The Widdler, Mala, and Chief Kaya, on their .mission to move people through sound, not hype.