Document One

"Sub has always been a slight mystery so without the SUBPAC I really don’t think we’d be able to give the accuracy we truly require within our music. Its a heavy bit of kit!"

Q&A with Document One about the SUBPAC:

What role does “feeling” play in the music you make and love?
Its a huge part for us, and crutial to the music we make. The sub frequencies are obviously the hardest to hear accurately, so being able to feel it now with the is a massive night and day moment for us. The emotion and feeling that bass gives to anyone when heard on a large system is really important to us, so getting it 100% right is essential to us.

Has the SUBPAC changed the way you create, produce or mix music?
Well quite simply yes. The fact we can’t write without it now is amazing! Before we were using a subwoofer and that was great, but feeling it now is another thing. In the context of mixing if we’re looking at sub, its right there in our faces. And on the contery if were looking to find out what other instruments contains frequencies you may not want in the mix its crystal clear. It helps a lot in many situations where as before we may have not have dealt with it in the same way.

How could “physical audio” change our relationship to sound and music in the future?
I think this is only the beginning. Everyone experiencing this never wants to look back, and for the people yet to feel it, hopefully this kind of thing will encourage them. The physical relationship does something to us we can’t quite explain, but we know we like it. The power, and feeling it gives your body is like nothing else….its crazy!! The fact producers can be in less accurate room to make the music they want is a big change in itself, so where it goes next we are excited to see.

What excited you about the Feel SUBPAC project?
We think its incredible that various producers and engineers are uniting under this hub to let musicians around the globe know about SUBPAC. We’re excited to hear the different sounds and also what other artist have noticed/felt about the SUBPAC experience. From our friends that make music though to the staff at SUBPAC we’ve heard a lot of great things that are going to be featured here, so we will most definitely being checking it out ourselves.

ABOUT Document One:

Producers Matt King and Joe Froud, best known as Document One, have risen to become a serious force within the bass music scene. Their background as songwriters has resulted in an ultra harmonic and melodic take on DnB and other bass music genres. Document One’s extensive remix catalogue includes artists such as Skepta, Moby, Professor Green, Tantrum Desire, Rob Zombie and Asking Alexandra.
The duo have received recognition and DJ support from such heavy weights as Knife Party, Friction, Calxy & Teebee, and Drumsound & Bassline Smith as well as radio plays from Mistajam, Friction, Crissy Criss, DJ Target and DJ Hype to name a few.

Document One continue to play global live shows in over 29 countries across 4 continents including tours with Borgore, Modestep Smirnoff and Ministry of Sound. Document One have featured a number of guest mixes and interviews for BBC Radio 1 DJ’s; Mistajam, Friction and Annie Nightingale. In 2016 the duo charted at number 1 on Beatport 3 times, and featured in the top 10 DnB track for 2016 in the Best of Beatport awards”. Their online presence is testament to their success with over 48,000 followers on Facebook, 4 million plays on Spotify and 10 million YouTube views. Document One have had a run of successful releases for Never Say Die and Max Records, and currently release on legendary DnB label Technique Recordings.