David Starfire

"To be able to hear sub frequencies is essential for my music production. It's obviously not convenient to bring a subwoofer with me on the road. The SUBPAC is compact and enables me to listen and feel sub frequencies almost anywhere."

Q&A with David Starfire about the SUBPAC:

What role does “feeling” play in the music you make and love?
Feeling the bass is very important because it’s the main energy of the song. It’s the lifeblood of the track and can be felt throughout your body.
Has the SUBPAC changed the way you create, produce or mix music?
It has become an important part of my creative process and also for my final mixdowns. The SUBPAC can replicate what the audience feels in front of a huge festival system. This is important so as to not have too much or too little bass. Even 1db difference can shift the balance of the track. This eliminates the guesswork involved with subsonic frequencies while mixing.
How could ‘physical audio’ change our relationship to sound and music in the future?
Physical audio I think will be important for the deaf community as well as VR and entertainment uses. There are so many different ways it can be used such as sound healing. Producers can now produce songs that can go well beyond the frequencies that you can hear and that’s exciting!
What excited you about the Feel SUBPAC project?
I’m excited to be involved in this new, uncharted territory and look forward to hearing what others are creating. It allows artists to work with frequencies that haven’t been heard/felt before. This will create a new community of artists and an place for fans to hear/feel this before unheard/felt spectrum of music

About David Starfire:

David Starfire is a world-renowned producer/multi-instrumentalist/DJ that is known for his signature global-glitch-bass” sound. His niche sound is mixing world instruments and fusing them with modern beats. For his DJ sets, he often performs with percussion and various world instruments such as the phin (Thai lute) or the tumbi from India. His sound has brought him to perform at some of the most amazing places on earth, including the Pyramids of Giza, The Coliseum at Caesars Palace, and Coachella.  Read More...

His highly acclaimed Ascend album reached #7 on the iTunes world music chart and had two #1 remixes on the Hype Machine. He has collaborated with the likes of Afrika Bambaataa, Sizzla, Ooah (of the Glitch Mob), FreQ Nasty, and Grammy nominated singer Chaytanya. His music has been heard on major TV and cable networks as well as a number of video games. He’s performed at private parties for well known brands such as of Google, Virgin Galactic, and Lucas films.

David’s festival performance highlights include WMC, Coachella, Shambhala, Outside Lands, Symbiosis, Wakarusa, Love Parade and Lightning in a Bottle. He recently released his Karuna benefit album where he collaborated with Burmese refugee musicians and notables such as Alex Grey and William Close and the Earth Harp. David is currently collaborating with virtual reality programmers and SUBPAC for a next level immersive audio-visual-physical sound experiences. 

David Starfire’s Ableton 808 Boom Rack