"The direct physical transmission of bass frequencies into the body changes the way one hears music - it cannot be paralleled by any subwoofer. Using it together with headphones, which provide the unique advantage of stereo separation (for things like binaural beats or ASMR triggers), turns listening into an intimate, immersive, and physically enhanced experience."

being((:))sound (Joro-Boro and Mary Frisbee) is a live meditation project that integrates acoustic and electronic instruments. Sound and silence, informed by a minimal aesthetic, bring awareness to the experience of sound as being.

being((:))sound explores the intersection of space, presence, listening, and relating – to oneself, to others, and to one’s environment.

being((:))sound takes many different forms depending on the context. The two current iterations are: a Bass Ritual for a bigger audience – a sound meditation merging the use of acoustic instruments with deep electronic sub-bass; and an interactive Listening Lab for one or several participants that uses deep listening practice to open up awareness to the mysteries present in everyday life.

being((:))sound has performed at venues ranging from small yoga spaces and galleries to big festivals like Elements Lakewood, Gratitude Migration, Minus Zero, and Oregon Eclipse.